Many of our menu items may be made for catering.

Serving sizes depend on portions but each tray, on average, will serve 6-12 people.
For categories and details of each dish please look at our regular menu


Lumpia (Fried Spring Rolls) tray of 100 – $70
Noodle Dishes per tray – $70
Chicken dishes per tray – $70
Beef Dishes per tray – $80
Pork Dishes (except those below) per tray – $70
Crispy Pata, Tokwa’t Baboy, Sisig per tray – $80
Lechon Kawalli – Call for quantity and price
Ampalaya, Pinakbet, Chop Suey, Vegetable Bicol Express – $70
Trays above do not include rice
Rice per tray …………………………$20

Click picture below to see a variety of pictures.